Event Coverage

Dispatch D’Artifactory to be a part of your event and incorporate the live blogging, recording, audio or video webcasting and/or even FM Radio coverage of your event!

Since 2006, Charlene Gagnon and Fred Campbell have co-facilitated 6 major special event broadcasts in partnership with:

  • The Equity & Technology Research Alliance (2006/2007)
  • The Social Economy and Sustainability Research Network (2011)
  • The Nova Scotia Co-Op Council (2012)
  • In My Own Voice Arts Association and North End Business Association (2014)
  • The Town of Tilting, Fogo Island,Newfoundland (2016)\

Our event coverage services can be adapted to suit the following purposes:

  • Knowledge Translation – Academic Conferences, Symposiums
  • Public Engagement – Public Consultations, Meetings
  • Community Development – Historical Celebrations, Economic Development
  • Fundraising – Internet Telethons, Auctions
  • Promotion of Arts & Culture – Public Performances, House Shows

We work with your budgets and provide non-profit and grassroots discounts. Contact us to find out how to add our Event Coverage Services to your next event.

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